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Although money touches almost all aspects of modern life, many people have difficulty interpreting even the most basic financial terms. A global survey on financial literacy, a survey by the Standard & Poor’s from 2015, points out that every third person in the world is financially illiterate. In Montenegro, which is the best in the region, almost every other resident is financially (un) literate.

It is therefore important to adopt the basic financial knowledge and emphasis on the management of personal finances. If you do not care about your finances, they will surely take care of you in a way that you will not like. If you put your personal finance under control, you will be able to make choices according to your preferences and needs, rather than be imposed on you as a result of unreasonable decisions and bad habits. The good mortgage broker in Singapore happens to be the person of great interest now.

The easiest way to put your personal finance under control is to devise and monitor your financial plan. Although it is demanding, this process essentially involves a series of simple steps to be followed:

Get to know the flows of your money

Establish what you have, but also on what and how much money you direct. The easiest way to do this is to track and record inflows and outflows of your money for the first few months. Unlike inflows that mainly relate to regular monthly earnings, expenditure records can be challenging. It is therefore best to define broad categories such as food, monthly bills, housing costs, dressing rooms, loans, etc. It is much easier if you make the most of your payments electronically (Example: SOGeMOBILE ) because it’s easy to get an insight into the history and purpose of the transaction. Also, for this, it’s possible to use smartphone apps that offer you predefined categories, it’s only up to you to record and deploy your spending.

This way you get an insight into your consumer habits. You can be surprised how much you spend on items that you might easily give up in order to achieve long-term goals. The essence is that everyday consumer patterns have a much stronger impact on our long-term prosperity than on a much more serious investment decision. With the fast loan in Singapore options the results are perfect.

Set goals

Consider what you want to achieve in financial terms in the short, medium and long term. Remember, many of your personal goals certainly include a financial component. So, in the short run, you may want to save on your journey, in the medium term to allocate a share for a home loan, and in the long run to provide funding for your child’s education. Regardless of personal preferences, try to define goals so that they are specific, measurable, time-defined, and perhaps most importantly-reachable. Goals that are not realistically set up become a source of frustration, instead of being motivated. Set priorities, because it is often not possible to work on all goals at the same time, and involve other family members in planning – because common goals mean the same vision and greater chances of success.

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