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The new housing has obvious advantages – large areas of apartments, modern architectural solutions. However, not all buyers are ready to wait for commissioning, and then still be engaged in finishing. For many it is more convenient to buy housing on the principle of “come and live.”

Formally, yesterday’s new buildings become a “secondary housing” at the time of delivery of houses. Under the definition of “secondary market” you can consider real estate, which has already been formalized ownership. That is, the primary and secondary market shares the existence of a record in the state judicial authorities about the right of ownership. We can say that this is a real estate with a history. Immediately after putting the house into operation, the property is registered as property, respectively, even if no one has lived and repairs in the apartment, it already belongs to the category of secondary housing. The use of the best developer sales in Singapore is important here.

Many, however, are guided by another rule. If the object is sold directly by the developer (the house is being built or has already been commissioned) – this is the primary market. And if the object is sold by the shareholder, it is already secondary, even if the house is still under construction.

Funerals of relatives РThe most tragic and emotionally difficult event in the life of every person. Grief-stricken relatives need, in spite of the pain of loss, to take care of a decent burial of the deceased, organize a proper ceremony, and also observe all the necessary rituals.

If the relatives do not have the opportunity or the strength to pay enough attention to the funeral organization, an employee of the ritual bureau is invited for these purposes. He draws up an order taking into account all the wishes of his relatives, offers catalogs with ritual products to them, specifies the options for organizing a funeral procession, the solution of the issue with transport, funeral service, funeral dinner. If you wish your relatives, the bureau agent can also take care of the execution of all necessary documents. There are some companies that are good at funeral services Singapore.

According to the Christian rite, a person is buried on the third day after death. In the house mirrors and any other reflecting surfaces are necessarily curtained. The coffin with the body of the deceased is placed on a table or chairs in the middle of the room, a narrow part to the exit. The lid of the coffin is placed in the corridor by a wide part upwards, near it are mourning wreaths. The last 15-20 minutes around the coffin are only close relatives.


Moving the coffin out of the house also has its own ritual features. The coffin is carried by men on their shoulders. You cannot have relatives among them. After the deceased was taken out of the house, one of the remaining in the room washes the floors. Many say that this is superstition, but, nevertheless, the rite takes place to be.

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