Things to know from the info times

The info time’s – here you can find a selection with more than 250 reports published by the magazine. In each of the sections you will find the most relevant topics and what can most guide you in your day to day as an entrepreneur: from how to get going, to issues related to marketing, finance, human resources, legislation, skills business.

Things you will find in the info times

  • That everything works even if you are not Legal aid and management advice to deal with your withdrawal or any other unforeseen, without affecting the operation of your business.
  • How to calculate the fee for the provision of professional services, step by step.
  • Identify the main deductible expenses of the self-employed, in what percentages they are, the exceptions to the rule and the red line with the Treasury.
  • Business opportunities for freelancers. Innovative ideas, that require minimum investment, with own resources, of rapid implementation, with fixed costs to the minimum and control of collections and payments to generate liquidity. Those are the golden rules to undertake alone.
  • Business opportunities for professionals. New trends and opportunities for professionals.
  • Entrepreneurship alone. Because being small also have its advantages: flexibility before obstacles and ability to adapt to the market.
  • Make the leap from autonomous to society.
  • More competitive freelancers.
  • Training to overcome the most common obstacles when developing a business as self-employed.

Information about Foreign trade

  • With firm treatment and good lyrics. Take note of the characteristics of these five types of contracts that you will have to face in order to do international business.
  • International SEO tricks In the world of search engines, not everything comes down to Google. To make a good international SEO, you must also position yourself in those other local search engines.
  • How to create an export department. What initial investment you will need, your minimum organizational structure, as well as new areas and professional profiles needed.
  • Exports without borders In foreign trade, moving oranges is not the same as sofas or shirts. They tell you how to manage the logistics and transport of the most exported products by SMEs, their barriers to entry and how to get around them.
  • International fairs that you cannot miss. The fairs continue to be a great forum to do business, know the trends of the sector, open market or find the most exclusive provider.
  • Control your international defaulter Techniques to prevent default, manage recoveries and avoid being a victim of organized fraud.
  • How to manufacture abroad. scratch off map

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